Juno Temple Official Joins Dark Knight Rises

Variety is now reporting that she is “100% locked in” for the role.  Now what that role is remains a mystery and neither Warner Bros or Nolan is talking about it.  Earlier reports floating around when she was rumored, was that she’d be playing the part of a street-wise Gotham girl….Hell that could be anything.

Stephanie Brown Robin

Some are speculating that this may be Catwoman’s sidekick, Holly “Go-Nightly” Robinson.  While other some people seem to think she could be playing the role of Stephanie Brown, who’s been both a female Robin and currently the new Batgirl (secretly that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for).  The point is, right now it’s all wild speculation, as all things are with TDKR right now.

It’s also very likely she’ll have a smaller role for a character that’s not really in the comic books.  It’s hard to tell, but hopefully we’ll get some official confirmation on what role she’ll be playing (along with a true verdict on JGL’s role) before too long.

In the meantime, let the wild speculation continue!