Jurassic World Dominion Gets a Poster and First Look Footage with F9

Universal Pictures has given fans a swanky new poster for Jurassic World Dominion while promising a special look at the film attached to F9!

In some timeline, we would be watching Jurassic World Dominion in theaters this week. Alas, we’re still a year away from the film’s launch, but Universal is throwing us a bone. Today, they’ve revealed the first poster for the film (not the teaser we got with the title reveal):

I’m very much digging this poster. It’s simple, but manages to get the hype kicked into gear. Even better, it promises that audiences will be able to get their first look at the film via a 5-minute preview that will be attached to IMAX screenings of the new Fast & Furious film later this month.

F9 will hit theaters on June 25th (and I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get an internet release of the footage for those still not sure about heading to the theater) with Jurassic World Dominion arriving a year from tomorrow on June 10, 2022.

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