Jurassic World has Finished Filming

Jurassic World is less than a year away (landing June 12, 2014) and now it’s one step closer to the big screen, as production (the filming part) has wrapped up and they’re moving onto the lengthy post-production phase.  While they made a big show of using traditional props to bring their dinosaurs to life in this film, there’s going to be plenty of CG dinosaurs to go around (just as there were in the original Jurassic Park), and post is where it’s going to happen.  Colin Trevorrow made the announcement himself on twitter by posting this image, once again teasing a T-Rex: 

Very clever Mr. Trevorrow, very clever.  The exciting part, for eager fans, is that this also means, we might be seeing some of these dinos sooner rather than later.  Now that the focus isn’t on filming, it won’t be long before the studios start some preliminary marketing.