Jurassic World’s First Short Film is Definitely Worth Your Time

Last night on FX the first Jurassic World live-action short film, Battle at Big Rock, debuted but now you can watch it online at your leisure!

I didn’t get the chance to watch the Battle at Big Rock short film last night when it hit FX, but thankfully Universal wasted no time in getting it online for fans. It was pretty much the first thing I did this morning when I sat down at the desk, and I’m very glad I did:

This is just a lot of damn fun. It manages to bring all the elements we’ve come to associate with Jurassic Park/World (family, high tension, and impressive dinosaur action) in a tiny package. Considering the more constrained budget, it was great to see how truly impressive the VFX work turned out to be.

This FELT like a slice of the big screen movies, and I can’t wait to see more. With the ending of Fallen Kingdom unleashing dinos in America, this type of story make a lot of sense and it makes for a nice filler before the next film arrives. If Battle at Big Rock is any indicator of the tone for Jurassic World 3, my hype is in high gear.

What did you think of the short film? Be sure you don’t miss out on the credits either…..