Kevin Feige Talks Dr. Strange and Phase Three


Come 2015, Phase 2 of Marvel’s film Universe will end with Avengers 2 and Phase 3 will begin during the same year, with the release of Ant-Man.  Feige is mum on the plot for either of those films, but he does talk about a project he’s looking forward to seeing made. Feige says that Doctor Strange should be the second Phase 3 Marvel movie.  As a matter of fact, he says that they’ve already begun preliminary work on the project.


Feige says, As we look past 2015, past Avengers 2 and Ant-Man, I think Dr. Strange should be one of the next movies in the years following that. Dr. Strange is something that I talk about often and it’s sort of next up for us to dig into and explore.”

The film has no release date and probably won’t see the light of day until 2016. So far, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and possibly the Black Panther are scheduled for Phase 3, as well as Avengers 3. There is also the possibility of a solo Hulk film, starring Mark Ruffalo.

In other comic-film news, Vin Diesel may soon become part of the Marvel cinematic universe.   Diesel recently wrote on his Facebook page that he may be meeting with Marvel in the near future, saying “Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… ha-ha, you probably know better than me…  So it’s too early to speculate with any confidence on who he would be playing, assuming he does sing to appear in a Marvel film.

As far as Marvel releases go, Thor: Dark World is up next.