King Kong and Godzilla Could Be Prepping for a Rematch at Warner Bros

During SDCC 2014 when the first information about Godzilla 2 and Kong: Skull Island were revealed during the same panel, many of us snickered and made jokes about the two icons meeting up in some ‘shared universe’…Well, looks like it could very well happen!  Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures is moving Kong: Skull Island over to Warner Bros with the goal of being having the two rebooted versions of the monsters meet-up down the road.  

Legendary and WB worked together for Godzilla and even developed Skull Island together for a time, but with Legendary now being partnered with Universal, their collusions together are different than they once were.  So it makes quite a bit of sense for them to move Kong over to WB who also has Godzilla in their pocket.  Casting for Skull Island has been moving fast and furious and plans so far have been to start filming later this year, for the 2017 release date.  

Gareth Edwards is still attached to Godzilla 2 which will bring in some of his classic foes, and it sounds like the plan would be to have King Kong and Godzilla face-off in a film AFTER those two movies.  If the plan comes together (and I should emphasize, it’s a conversation at the moment and not concrete) we could see some overall world-building and Easter eggs for the monters show up in the upcoming films.  

All I know for sure, is that the fanboy in me is going nuts over this news.  As a kid who grew up on these cheesy monster flicks, there’s a soft spot in my heart for the first attempt at uniting these icons (even though it’s not really a good movie) and I would be more than happy to see a modern take on how these beasts come together.  There’s an interesting problem, however…the size difference.  While I know King Kong will be made bigger for Skull Island than some of his previous incarnations, the new Godzilla is MASSIVE.  

The first image in my mind about these two meeting up feels incredibly one-sided.  If they try to make Kong that big in Skull Island, I think it causes some story issues which would be hard to work around.  But they can’t exactly shrink Godzilla either.  Likely these are the same conversations nerds everywhere are having, but frankly, I’m curious to see it pulled off.  What do you guys think of these talks?  Are you interested in seeing these monters meet up?