Kit Harington Confirmed as Black Knight in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

After murmurings and rumors leading up to D23, Kevin Feige has confirmed that Kit Harington will be in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ and who he’ll play. More within…

For 8 seasons, Kit Harington played Jon Snow, the leader of the Night’s Watch, master swordsman, and true heir to the Iron Throne in HBO‘s iconic medieval program, ‘Game of Thrones‘. Now, it appears that he’ll have to brandish his sword for another medieval-type character for Marvel’s The Eternals.

At D23, Kevin Feige confirmed that Kit Harington had joined Marvel’s The Eternals as Dane Whitman, otherwise known as Black Knight.

If you don’t know who Black Knight is, you’re probably thinking that Kit Harington is about to go back to the awful environment of the medieval era. Not quite. Dane Whitman is a modern day scientist that comes from a long line of people in his family that have held the mantle of Black Knight. At times, he’s been an Avenger and even led them in other instances. What’s Whitman’s superpower, though? He doesn’t have one, per se, but he does wield a cursed sword, known as The Ebony Blade. When he cuts people with it, it slowly drives him to bloodthirsty madness. To break this curse, he required the help from Doctor Strange a number of times.

Whitman didn’t have many run-ins with the Eternals, according to Marvel Comics, but he did form a relationship with one of their members, Sersi. At one point, the two even mentally bonded. All that said, Sersi was afflicted by Whitman’s counterpart from another dimension, known as The Proctor. It was due to him that Sersi was mentally unstable. Coincidentally, Gemma Chan was just revealed to be Sersi, so it’s possible that we’re headed down that road.

Both Harington and Chan can be seen in Marvel’s The Eternals on November 6, 2020.