Legendary’s Dune Remake Circles a Director

To say I’ve been excited about Dune coming back to the big screen, would be an understatement.  As such, it’s great to see that Legendary is wasting no time in moving forward with the project.  Just a couple Friday’s ago, I reported they already had a director in mind for the project, but was currently digging to figure out who it might be…Variety beat me to the punch: 

Sources tell Variety that Villeneuve is in early talks to direct Legendary’s “Dune” reboot for the company. Legendary has not commented on the news.

Dune Tweet

Villeneuve seems like a ridiculously awesome choice for Dune, and has been a great idea since the man himself said during an interview he’d love to adapt Dune at some point (long before the Legendary acquisition happened).  He’s got the science fiction chops, and if the first trailer for his Blade Runner 2049 movie is any indication, he can handle classic/iconic stories.

While we wait for official confirmation of the news, it’s great to see that the director isn’t slowing down even after taking on such a high profile film like Blade Runner 2.  What do you guys think of the potential Dune director?  Also, be sure to check out our fan-cast choices for the new movie, and add your own!