Legendary Taps Brian K. Vaughan to Pen Live-Action Gundam Film

Last year, Legendary Entertainment grabbed headlines when they announced that they had plans to co-produce a live-action film adaptation of the beloved anime series, Gundam, alongside the Japanese animation studio Sunrise.  Just 5 months later, they took the spotlight again when they announced that they had signed acclaimmed comic writer Brian K. Vaughan to a 3-picture deal. 

We now know what, at least, one of those movies will be, as Legendary is looking to the creator of Y: The Last Man and Saga to pen the live-action Gundam film.

This signing is a massive get for Vaughan, who has spent a majority of his career writing comics and for Television, with shows like Lost, Under the Dome, and Marvel’s Runaways.  Now, he’ll get to turn his attention to a property that most anime fans covet, the original Gundam.

The original Gundam series debuted in 1979 and transported us to the Universal Century 0079.  With overpopulation effecting Earth’s citizens, people began migrating to space and form space colonies.  After some time, the space colonies wage war again the Earth Federation in an effort to gain independence.  The battles are fought by using advanced, experimental mobile suits we know, lovingly, as Gundams.

As the Gundam project is still in its infancy, there is no release date set for it.  For Vaughan, though, he’s got a busy schedule ahead of him.  In addition to writing Gundam, he’s also serving as Executive Producer for FX‘s series adaptation of Y.

As more information about Gundam releases, look for it here on Cinelinx.