Lego Star Wars Heading to Television

Instead a small television series will be airing this year, rumored to be in late September. The series is based off the popular Lego Star Wars video games, in a sense that they look like Lego’s of course. It will also be running alongside the already announced Star Wars animated series coming this Fall. There are hardly any details on the upcoming show, but with the previous ones airing on Cartoon Network we could expect to hear more details shortly.

Personally I think this will be a great idea. Rather it be short series, or simply short shows between episodes. I hope they keep the charm of not really making them talk as that is what makes the games so fun. The humor and story telling from the games needs to transfer over well, otherwise people will not be happy. Overall it should be a good way to get some younger fans in the mix and keep the franchise alive for years to come.

What a great way to kick off Star Wars‘ 35th anniversary huh? 3D movies, two animated shows, and Blu-ray releases of both trilogies…Its such a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan!

Thank you