Legolas to have a big role in ‘The Hobbit’?

The source also states that not only will he be reprising the role that made him famous, he’ll be playing a significant part in the films.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  I would love to see some of the original characters making a return in these films, it would go a long way towards tying everything together neatly.  However, much like Galadriel (who’s now been confirmed as coming back with Cate Blanchet) Legolas was never in The Hobbit.




The book makes no mention of his character at all, let alone anything that could be considered significant.  The only connection I could see is that Bilbo and the Dwarves spend quite a bit of time with the elves of Mirkwood (which are Legolas’ people and his Dad is the King), during their travels.  I could see how it would be possible for Legolas to pop up in that type of scenario, but even that seems more like a cameo appearance.


I’m struggling to see what big role he could play.  Then again they’re splitting the book into two movies, with the second supposedly being some sort of bridge between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings…so there’s plenty of ground they could make something up at.  As close as Peter Jackson stuck to the source material for Rings, though, making up this much stuff is a little worrying for me.


In the meantime, we’re stilling waiting on Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis to official sign on to reprise their roles of Gandalf and Gollum, who both play massive roles in the story.