Lionsgate is Working on a Borderlands Movie

The heads of Lionsgate released a statement stating they are going to make a feature film based off the game Borderlands. The note that the adventure is due to them expanding their interest in adapting established franchises, and with over 25 million copies sold you can bet Borderlands has done just that.

As for other details we will have to wait as it is too soon. The studio does promise to “stay true to the series,” but we have no casting information or writers/directors lined up just yet.

“The Borderlands games don’t pull any punches, and we’ll make the movie with the same in-your-face attitude that has made the series a blockbuster mega-franchise,” Lionsgate noted. 

Avid Arad and his son will be producing the film.

“This alliance is ideally positioned to create a bold, provocative, no-holds-barred motion picture phenomenon that will delight Borderlands’ current legions of fans and captivate moviegoers around the world,”Take-Two (publisher of Borderlands) noted. 

We can only hope this goes over better than Take Two’s last movie adventure with Max Payne. So far there is no release date scheduled or date to film. Gearbox (developers of Borderlands) is also hard at work on the next installement of the series, so perhaps we could see a connection there. Who knows, but we will keep you updated!

Will this be another box office video game adaptation dud? Or do you think this one has a fighting chance? Let us know in the comments.