Live-Action Mulan Film to be Released in 2018

Disney truly loves recreating their classic animated films, making them into live-action.  It’s apparent by the work they’ve done with Maleficent & Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, to an extent The Jungle Book, and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.  They’ve even announced other reboots like Cruella starring Emma Stone, Tink with Reese Witherspoon, and just recently The Lion King.

Now, we can etch the name Mulan as the next to get a live-action makeover. 

In the very near future, Disney plans to begin an open casting call to find a Chinese actress to be their Mulan.  The role will likely go to an unknown, as is Disney’s MO.  That being said, Disney tends to do a good job finding talents to bring their characters to life. 

Disney isn’t the only one looking to reboot the tale of Mulan, though.  They will have some competition from Sony, who is also planning a Mulan live-action film of their own.  However, limited details have been divulged, as of yet.

Disney plans on releasing their live-action Mulan film on November 2, 2018!

Who do you think should play as Mulan?