Looks Like Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie Have Been Spotted on the Episode VII Set

Thank God for outdoor shooting locations.  Seriously.  Even though filming has been going on for Episode VII since May, we’ve seen and heard precious little about it.  Fans have been feeling the drought, but things have been a lot better since last week.  A slew of images from the set have landed showing us more stuff in just a few days than we’ve had in a few months.  It’s been great!  Over the weekend, more images were snapped from Rick Lawrence (who seems to be getting everything) that appear to show a couple of primary actors on the set:


This sure as heck looks like Adam Driver.  While he’s stated before that he wasn’t shooting anything until November…this certainly appears to be him.  What’s more interesting is that he’s dressed up in X-wing pilot gear.  With all the rumors and word pointing towards him being a villain in the film, this raises some interesting questions…


Then we have this image of a blonde female with short hair, who looks an awful lot like Gwendoline Christie.  If this isn’t her then she has a pretty impressive stand-in.  Same as with Driver, most of what we’ve heard with Christie’s character is that she’ll also be a villain (with recent rumors linking her as a descendant of Count Dooku).  So why are both of these characters dressed up like Rebels?  

Perhaps they’re infiltrating the enemy base, or they are setting up to turn evil and be badguys, or perhaps all of the rumors have been wrong from the start!  Frankly, with so little unknown at this point, we can’t say either way.  All I can tell you is that these set pics, even from a distance, sure look a lot like two of our primary cast members suited up and ready for action.  

What do you guys think?