Looks Like Dracula Could Return in the Final Season of Castlevania

After three Seasons of blood, gore, double-crosses, and drama, Season 4 of Castlevania will bring upon the end of the amazing animated series for Netflix. The series (written and created by Warren Ellis) has brought much joy to me and many fans across the globe. Never did I think I would enjoy an animated series, based on a video game, as much as I do the game itself.

The Season 4 trailer reveals that Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard have more than just night creators, Issac, Carmilla, and her army to face. They also have to deal with the possibility of Vlad Dracula Tepes being brought back to life. Though this will be a challenge for the likes of our heroes, I am super excited and hope that our Prince of Darkness returns!

The series is truly spectacular, but it is even better with the voice of Graham McTavish helming Dracula. If his voice seems familiar, he has been an actor/voice actor for years and also voiced Dante in Dantes Inferno (the game and animated movie) which just happens to be one of my favorite titles of all time.

We will be sharing our thought on the final season of Castlevania soon, which releases May 13th via Netflix, but until then watch the trailer below and let’s get that hype-train moving!