Lucy’s Losing Her Mind in the New Trailer for ‘Lucy in the Sky’

Fox Searchlight Pictures has released a new trailer for Lucy in the Sky. This trailer gives us our best look yet at how Lucy’s life spirals out of control after she returns from a mission to space.

The first trailer for Lucy in the Sky was more surreal when it came to giving clues about how the story would go. While some mind-bending elements remain, the peek into the story is a little more straightforward. Lucy is a dedicated astronaut and wife, who wants nothing more than to go back up into space. When that desire for space becomes all consuming, her life begins to fall apart.

This trailer really is the best one yet for the film. I like how the trailers are using surreal imagery to illustrate how Lucy is slowly, but surely losing her grip on reality. The thing is, this trailer makes it clear that Lucy doesn’t realize there’s a problem, while everyone else (including the audience) does. It’s a bit of a disconnect that will surely make for some fascinating interactions between Lucy and everyone else, particularly as the drama increases.

Lucy in the Sky will officially launch on October 4, 2019.