Magisto Wants to Take Humans Out of the Editing Process

The service is called Magisto and it’s an Israeli start-up that launched yesterday.  The idea is that you can upload up to 16 videos onto the site (add a title and some soundtrack of your own choosing), and then the proprietary software/technology will then edit your footage automatically and email you when it’s completed (normally about 20-30 minutes depending on how big your files are).  Basically, they’ve attempted to make an AI video editor that does all the work for you.


Honestly…I’m not impressed.  Being that I’m an editor myself, I admit that I am already biased against this thing.  They claim their technology can automatically find the most interesting footage in your video and then trim off the rest, leaving the most interesting parts of it for viewing.  Supposedly it is strong enough to recognize faces, and understand the difference between people, pets, objects, and varying landscapes.

I’m willing to go along with that.  I mean, we know that type of technology exists in other things around the world, but this other claim has me very skeptical.  According to them, their tech can even capture the intent of the filmmaker.  Really?  Hell, even when I edit my own stuff I’m not always sure what me intent was.


Editing is an art form and requires years of practice and study.  Fortunately the creators of Magisto seem to understand this to a degree because they’ve even admitted that this isn’t for the artistically inclined filmmaker.  This is more for the home movie crowd who just want to share family videos and what not on the internet with friends, but don’t have the capabilities to edit their footage down.

While that’s a cool concept, at the same time, it doesn’t seem to me that particular crowd of people would even care about editing their stuff.  If you’re just trying to shorten something up, Movie Maker and iMovie are more than sufficient and even have “YouTube Options” for exporting built right in there.  That would probably be your best option for something quick like that.  Hell, even YouTube has their own video editor built right into the site as well.

I guess if you’re really wanting to save time and don’t care what gets cut and what doesn’t on your videos then this could work for you.  But remember, you honestly don’t know what their system will consider relevant, and the footage you wanted in your video to share with family may end up getting cut because the computer decided it wasn’t part of your intent…