‘Mandy’ is Disqualified From the Oscars

Last February, the film music world was rocked by the unexpected death of composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (best known for his work on Sicario and Arrival). Despite the pain of his premature passing, fans of his work were heartened by the fact that Mandy, his final posthumus work, might receive an Oscar nomination for Best Original Score as the score for Mandy has received widespread praise. However, earlier this week, the Academy announced that Mandy wouldn’t be receiving any Oscar nominations because they had disqualified the film.

And why did this happen? According to the Academy, Mandy was disqualified because “it was released on VOD before completing its qualifying run.” Basically, films that want to be eligible for Oscars (according to the Academy) have a one week screening period in Los Angeles. Because Mandy went to VOD before this period was over, it’s ineligible to receive any Oscars. 

P1400971 by Timothee Lambrecq

Don’t worry it doesn’t make any sense to us either. It’s sad that Jóhannsson’s final score won’t receive any Oscar nominations, but at least we have the score to remember him by.