Mark Wahlberg confirmed for lead in ‘Uncharted’ movie

I will say that this news hurts my heart just a little bit.  Of all of the actors who would have been great for this role, they went and chose Wahlberg.  It makes sense, because the director has been working with him quite a bit, and they just finished up The Fighter together, but other than that, Mark just doesn’t seem to fit this role.


Don’t get me wrong, on the whole I like Wahlberg.  I think he does a pretty decent job in just about anything…but comedy isn’t really his strong point.  While Uncharted certainly isn’t a comedy, the lead character Nathan Drake is a wise-crack.  His humor is ever present and something that always makes interested in his character.


Also during this interview, Mark confirmed the Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci casting rumors, and explained that they will play his father and Uncle respectively.  This alone is enough to cause fans of the game pause.  In the games there is no mention of Nate Drake’s family, nor do they have anything to do with the plot.  More than likely this means Russell will be placing the characters into an all new adventure.  So it’d be less of an adaptation of the game, and more of an original story.


That in itself isn’t bad, but all of this isn’t news fans were wanting.  Let’s face it, Nathan Fillion should have gotten this role.  Anyone who’s played the game can tell you that you feel like you’re controlling Mal Reynolds (the captain from Firefly and Nathan Fillion’s role) through the entire game.  I’m a big fan of the game and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie…honestly my excitement has gone down drastically.


I know I should try to stay optimistic, but I’m no longer having high hopes for this film.  I really hope I’m wrong.  David Russell is currently writing the script so production won’t be too far behind.  I know I’m not alone in my feelings now, so I’ll leave you with this:


Nathan fillion and Nate Drake