Marvel aims to tackle the small screen by creating Marvel Television

I think it’s safe to say at this point that Marvel has figured out how to make a good comic book movie.  Honestly Marvel can be credited with finally giving comic movies a decent name (before they were lumped into the category of video game movies).  With their creation of Marvel Entertainment (solely for the purpose of making movies) they further rooted themselves in the genre and have been steadily pumping out really good movies.

Well now it looks like they’re aiming to bring that same degree of success to the small screen.  Marvel Television is now a separate division of Marvel Entertainment, and the sole purpose is to develop televisions shows (animated and live-action) based on Marvel’s broad spectrum of characters.

It’s a great move and they’ve named Eisner-winning comic and TV writer Jeph Loeb as the division’s Vice President.  Leob has worked as a producer on shows like Smallville, Lost, and even Heroes.  His job will be to oversee the translation of Marvel stories into the television medium as well as the distribution of live-action and animated direct-to-DVD series.Either way it sounds like some very exciting things will be coming from Marvel. 

It’s possible we’ll get to see more live-action Marvel shows like Blade…hopefully better

With the continued success of Marvel’s theatrical releases, this will hopefully keep their ball rolling.  I guess switching to Disney wasn’t such a bad idea after all (although I was always in support of the merger).