Marvel planning on using short films to introduce lesser known heroes?

Supposedly Marvel/Disney are wanting to create 10 minute short films to run in front of their big screen Marvel releases (Thor and Captain America).  The idea here would be to showcase the lesser known superheroes like Black Panther or Luke Cage without having to dedicate an entire film to them.

Personally I really hope this rumor turns out to be true, and I see it as having a high probability of happening.  It’s a virtually no-lose situation to introduce new characters, by putting them in front of the high profile properties.  This way they can gage fan reaction to certain characters and seeing what public interest there might be in seeing more of those characters in action.

It’s also a good way of introducing new characters audiences are sure to be seeing along the way, making cameos in other superhero movies.  Especially considering that the Avengers is already confirmed to have more than the 4 superheroes who are getting their own films, these short films would be a great way to show audiences those characters beforehand.  Then no one is surprised by any characters and precious screen time isn’t wasted on explaining the new guys.

All in all I think it would be a wise decision, but only time will tell on whether or not this will come to pass.  For you comic book fans out there, keep your fingers crossed!