Marvel’s ‘The Consultant’ provides a Fun Bridge Between Hulk and The Avengers

Titled The Consultant there really isn’t much ‘new’ in this short film to get fans giddy about.  If you were hoping for some snippet of Avengers footage you’re going to be saddened.  If you look past that however, you’ll find a funny and well put together short.

Marvel One-Shot The Consultant

I am having a devil of a time embedding this thing for some reason, so please click the image to view the video.

I thought it was fairly clever how they used old footage from The Incredible Hulk inter-cut between the fast-paced dialogue of the two SHIELD agents.  By the end they created a very feasible connection between Iron Man, the Hulk, and The Avengers.  Where as before that scene was always just one of those “oh cool” cameos, now it actually seems to play a part in the overall story.

These One-Shots are a perfect opportunity for Marvel to really cement their movies into one universe.  Something no other company has ever really tried to do.  While this one was short and didn’t show a whole lot, it still gives me hope that this One-Shot experiment will prove very fruitful for Marvel, and a treat for the fans.