Mel Gibson shows us his ‘Beaver’

For an actor like Mel Gibson, his next move is the most important.  In case you guys haven’t heard, apparently Mel has been a bit of a naughty boy.  After the whole video tape scandal, Gibson could use a good comeback.  A role that proves his mental stability, well at the same time winning back his fans.  A film with a loveable and capable protagonist, with a story of smarts and sophistication.  So of course he’s doing a movie about a mentally unstable man who talks through a beaver puppet.  A change of pace indeed or, as Gibson calls it, Saturday afternoons.


Here’s the poster, courtesy of


Mel's still nuts.


In all seriousness, I do have hope’s for this film.  It was on the 2009 Black List (the list of the hottest screenplays circulating Hollywood), and has the potential to be a very interesting movie. And yes, Jodie Foster is directing it.  Quite a pair there. Of course, I was much more interested when Steve Carell was attached.  But I guess this guy will do too.


The film currently has no release date and, for all we know, won’t be out for a long, long time.  Gives the studio time for this whole Gibson thing to cool over, I assume.  Of course, that could take a bit of a while.  He said some sorta harsh things.