Michael B. Jordan Burns It All in the First Fahrenheit 451 Teaser

This Spring, HBO is bringing the heat with their film, Fahrenheit 451.  The film, based on Ray Bradbury‘s 1953 classic, stars Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon as two “Firemen” in a future where books have been outlawed and must be burned.  Jordan plays the lead character, Guy Montag, who starts to rethink his actions and that of his mentor Captain Beatty, played by Shannon.

Bradbury’s novel has been regarded as one of his best writings, but it’s also his most intense.  If this initial teaser is any indication for what we’re in store for, it looks like it’ll do Bradbury’s tale justice.

This may be the first time HBO has taken a crack at Fahrenheit 451, but it’s not the first time this story has been told in a feature film.  In 1966, Oskar Werner took up the mantle of Montag opposite Cyril Cusack‘s Beatty.  It was a fine attempt, for its time, but with today’s updated technology, HBO will look to capitalize on Bradbury’s vision by implanting today’s future-tech into his dystopian future. 

Fahrenheit 451 releases on HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now this Spring, starring Michael B. JordanMichael Shannon, and Sofia Boutella!