Michael Myers is Back in the First Poster for Halloween

As much as I’m not a fan of horror movies, I can’t help but feel a bit excited for the return of the Halloween franchise. I blame my girlfriend, who’s love of horror/slasher flicks have begun to take hold of me. Regardless, with Jamie Lee Curtis making a return, and an all new story that seeks to de-complicate everything, I’m interested to see how the new Halloween turns out. Today gives us our first poster for the upcoming film, marking exactly six months until its release: 

Halloween 2018 Movie Poster

It’s a simple poster to be sure, but it’s also pretty damn effective for kicking off the excitement. The moody, stark imagery of Michael’s mask makes it clear that this sequel is looking to put the icon back at the top of the slasher film villains. Hopefully this also means that a trailer isn’t too far behind. 

Halloween hits theaters on October 19, 2018