More Named Actors Heading to Superman

We recently revealed that Russell Crowe is in talks to play a role in the movie, and now we have even further news. Connie Nielsen and Harry Lennix are supposedly in talks to take on roles for the upcoming movie as well. Harry Lennix currently has no information in regards to what he will play. Connie on the other hand is stated to be in talks to play Lara, Superman’s kryptonian mother.

Obviously WB is looking to do everything they can to bring Superman back into his prime in movies. They noted they wanted big name actors and actresses on the production, so who would you like to see appear in the movie? Do you think Connie Nielsen and Harry Lennix will actually get roles? Or is this all rumor mill non-sense? If not, are you happy with the decision? Personally I am just happy they are going after talented people and not simply pretty faces.