More STAR WARS Is Coming With A New Project From J.D. Dillard And Matt Owens

More STAR WARS is on the way ladies and gentlemen. Exactly what, about who and when are yet to be seen.

According to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER J.D. Dillard, best known for writing and directing the sci-fi thriller SLEIGHT, and Matt Owens, a writer on Marvel shows LUKE CAGE and AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D have been tapped by Lucasfilm to develop a product within the legendary STAR WARS franchise.

As of now it is not known if this project will be for the big or for the Disney+ streaming platform. Along with its end destination the potential plot details, characters, setting and more are currently veiled in a shroud of mystery. On top of developing it is also not known if Dillard will direct the project if it is given the green light.

One other important fact that needs to be noted is that the Dillard/Ownes project is currently unrelated to a STAR WARS  movie pitch by Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige and potential work from THE LAST JEDI director Rian Johnson.

To see the world of STAR WARS continually expanding is a great thing. There is a vast universe and potential unlimited supply of characters to see further developed and expanded upon. It also helps to have those with a proven track record in the medium being involved in the gestation and incubation of a new baby in a galaxy far far away.