Michael Jai White Helps Resurrect Mortal Kombat

In a major sneak trailer that recently hit the web, martial arts sensation (and all around bad-ass) Michael Jai White and sci-fi bombshell Jeri Ryan show up as Capt. Jackson “Jax” Briggs and partner Dt. Sonya Blade.  White, looking as epically pissed off as usual, sits in a darkened interrogation room and lays out the dossiers on several vicious killers to an appropriately shadowed prisoner, the dull orange of his prison garb standing out amidst the dirty sepia of the room.  Apparently the city is going all to hell and Jax is willing to go the distance to make sure the good guys win.

Michael Jai White as “Jax” Jeri Ryan as “Sonya Blade”

As the prisoner sits quietly, Jax describes the graphic bloody details behind the brutal serial killer codenamed “Reptile” and the surgeon-gone-psychotic codenamed “Baraka”.  Bringing mention to former action star Johnny Cage, we are delivered a fantastic look at the brilliantly choreographed action behind this little teaser.  The fight speaks for itself.


Richard Dorton as “Reptile” Lateef Crowder as “Baraka”

Matt Mullins as “Johnny Cage”

But it would stop short there if that’s all we got, when the mission is eventually laid out for our all-too confident prisoner.  To seek out a man named Shang Tsung and join his underground tournament…and win.  The icing…the opportunity to secure the death of an old rival thought long dead…Sub-Zero.

What follows is probably every fan-boy’s dream to see in the flesh.

Ian Anthony Dale as “Scorpion”                          “Sub-Zero”

Directed by famous dance and fight choreograher Kevin Tancharoen, the mind behind the 2009 Fame remake, the trailer was showcased on YouTube and was instantly met with both massive fan approval and confusion.  Much mystery surrounds this project.  Research done by IGN and other sites revealed that even the actors aren’t really certain what was happening.  White claimed he thought that the short was a promo done for a new game, Mortal Kombat 9 specifically.  Jeri Ryan, who starred as a favor to a friend, claimed it was a pitch for a new realistic vision of Mortal Kombat.

Whether a new vision, a simple promo shoot, or just a director showcasing his awesome talent, many of us are waiting patiently for any and all news regarding this incredible development.

With an intention to keep the supernatural elements to a minimum and maintain a “tasteful” interpretation of the characters, I for one sincerely hope Tancharoen lands his opportunity and brings us Mortal Kombat on the big screen as it should have been from the very beginning.  And if this trailer is what he can do with a measly $7500 bucks…I can’t wait till he gets a budget behind him.