Alfonso Cuaron Could Direct Harry Potter Spin-Off for Warner Bros.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is one of the best films I saw in 2013 and was the first film we’ve reviewed to nab a perfect score.  It also landed a plentiful heap of Academy Awards.  As such all eyes have turned on the director and what he might do next.  Hopefully, if this report is true, he’ll be turning his talents to the new Harry Potter spin-off film.  The report is coming from Nikki Finke (Deadline Editor), who’s industry sources normally prove to be accurate:


Cuaron is no stranger to Harry Potter, having directed Prisoner of Azkaban, which is largely considered where the film franchise made a turn for the better.  While the previous two films were considered a success, they were also, largely “just okay”.  Azkaban, however, took a darker and more mature direction, essentially setting the tone/standard for the films following it. 

Having seen how impressively Cuaron has grown as a director since then, I would LOVE to see him come back to this franchise.  Especially since Fantastic Beasts is set to kick off a new series of spin-offs for Harry Potter, Cuaron would start it off on the right trac; giving the new foray back into this “universe” legs to stand on. 

As I said, Finke is normally pretty dead on with his scoops, so I have no reason to doubt the validity of this.  Not to mention, Warner Bros. already has the man in hand and is likely keen to put him on a project they want success from.  Hopefully the deal pans out!  How do you feel about this?  Would you like Cuaron to return?