Analyzing the Startling New Star Wars 7 Rumor

Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know the big secret (assuming it’s true.) SPOILERS BELOW!!!


The surprise ending that Making Star Wars has written about is certainly a daring move, if it’s true. I doubt most people will see it coming. The question is…will long time Star Wars fans accept an evil Luke Skywalker? Because that’s what we’ll be seeing, according to the website report. Luke follows in his father’s footsteps and succumbs to the dark side, becoming the new lord of the Sith.

This rumor relates to a photograph that circulated recently on ‘Indie Revolver’ of a character believed to be the villain in the movie, one of the Sith Inquisitors, wearing a mask that obscures part of his face, revealing one red eye and a familiar cloak, (Like the one Luke wore in Return of the Jedi.)This mysterious cloaked figure is holding the charred helmet of Darth Vader in his left hand, and his right hand is robotic, like Vader’s—and like Luke’s. Making Star Wars claims they have seen footage of other scenes which indicate that the “evil” which everyone in the film is terrified of is Luke Skywalker himself. The film, which features Han Solo, Princess Leia and other characters searching for Luke to help them vanquish a new Sith threat, will apparently end with the cliffhanger revelation that Luke has gone all Anakin, setting up the 8th film.

So, how likely is it that this rumor is true? How would diehard fans react to Luke as the villain? It’s not totally unprecedented, as readers of 1991’s “Dark Empire” can tell you, after seeing Luke pretend to go to the dark side. But would that work in a film?

Some fans do like dark twists, so the surprise factor may be an advantage. If the film does end that way, it will certainly keep fans talking and anticipating what will happen in the eighth film. It will surely be one of the most shocking twist endings ever. And after the disappointment of the prequel trilogy, fans will most likely accept anything that helps erase the memory of Jar Jar Binks and teenage Vader. Also, Mark Hamill enjoys playing bad guys (He has a blast doing the Joker’s voice.)


On the other hand, however, since Disney is trying to re-launch the franchise, would they start their new era by completely betraying one of the core elements of the lead character of the most popular film trilogy ever? And do they want to revisit the same plot of ‘a-member-of-the-Skywalker-family-succumbs-to-the-darkside-and-goes-major-league-evil’. It’s not the most original way to go. Consider also that Star Wars was already subjected to major script alterations when J.J. Abrams hired a different screenwriter to place the focus back on the stars of the original trilogy. Would he have done that—displaying such respect for the original cast—only to have Luke pull a hell-turn? Will old time Star Wars fans return to see the eight film if Luke becomes the Big Bad of the series?


Overall, I’d say this rumor is unlikely. Would Disney risk negative word-of-mouth from first-weekend viewers and critics dissuading others from going to see the film? Not likely. Still, we can’t rule out the possibility. Strange decisions do get made. Who’d have thought we’d see a Superman film end with the hero snapping someone’s neck, or Batman getting nuked?

This is all just rumor for now; so for the time being, you can ignore it, or condemn it, or say “I hope that do that! It’s such a cool idea!” as you choose. Until we know more, it remains just a crazy—albeit gutsy—idea.

Would you want to see Luke as the villain of the future films?