Another Classic Star Wars Character Returning for Episode IX?

To be entirely honest, I don’t consider this information a spoiler…in the least. That said, some people are pretty sensitive about what could be considered a spoiler. That said, if you think knowing what Original Trilogy character might show up in Episode IX, turn away now. 

Still here? Okay. According a new report from Fantha Tracks, who’ve checked this information with a pair of sources, Billy Dee Williams will FINALLY return as Lando Clarissian in the last sequel trilogy film. Fans have been clamoring for his return to the character since The Force Awakens started filming in 2014, but sadly the character (despite his popularity) has yet to arrive. 

Billy Dee in Episode IX

With Lando making something of a comeback thanks to his younger counterpart in Solo: A Star Wars Story (which has given him more exposure in various tie-in material). As such, it seems like Episode IX is the perfect opportunity to bring the character back and show what he’s up to in the war with the First Order.  

JJ Abrams begins filming on Episode IX in just a few weeks so there’s a chance we’ll get a formal casting announcement to confirm who all is returning. For the moment, however, I have no reason to doubt this report and have heard off and on throughout the years that they were wanting to bring Lando back for the Sequels at some point, in some way. Hopefully this one pans out!