Asa Butterfield is (Most Likely) Your New Spider-Man

A couple weeks ago, we learned that the search for the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man was down to two actors: Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland.  With the new Spider-Man’s first appearance reportedly happening in Captain America: Civil War, and that already rolling cameras, we’ve been expecting the official casting to happen any time.  According to Latino Review…deals are in place now for Asa Butterfield to take on the role. 

We’ve been sitting on this information since Friday but can confirm now.

We’ve known to be on the lookout for the many names on the various “short lists” that have come out over the past months as the potential Spider-Men have been whittled down to Butterfield. 

To be honest, I’ve been rooting for Butterfield since his name first started being mentioned as in the running for this role.  He’s a solid actor who can pull of the Spider-Man role and make it something new, while remaining true to the character.  A couple of other sites have chimed in now confirming they’ve heard the same thing, so once the ink has been laid down, expect an official announcement to come from Marvel any time now. 

While he’s expected to debut in Civil War, I’ve heard it’s not exactly a “huge” role, and will serve mostly as a set up for his solo film that’s already scheduled to debut on July 28, 2017.  What do you guys think of this choice for the web-head?