Ben Affleck Rumored To Appear In Three Stand Alone Batman Films

According to Den Of Geek, Batman Vs Superman was screened in front of cast, crew, and of course WB bosses and it went over rather well. So well that the people watching stood up and applauded.

That’s not all, people were so impressed with Ben Affleck as Batman they decided to expand his contract for three additional stand alone movies.

“Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman,” Den of Geek source says.

They stated that Ben Affleck IS Batman and that the future of the DC Universe line-up will revolve around the character. The idea of the universe revolving around Batman isn’t the surprise. He is the most succesful character WB has, and Superman is a close second, which is why Batman Vs Superman is such a big deal. It also makes sense to keep Ben Affleck as Batman since they are utilizing him for what will be the most important movie for the studios future comic book films.

Of course this is still just a rumor though and if it is true the contract talks could still easily fall through and nothing comes of it.

Yet there is something else worth pointing out. Deadline has reported that WB has pushed back the release dates of The Accountant and Live By Night, which are two films Ben Affleck is set to star in. This could confirm that the rumor is somewhat true in a way as they reorganize their schedules for 3 currently un-announced movies.

What do you think of the rumor? Is it true? Do you hope it is true?