Billie Lourd Joins the Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII?

Let’s look at this from the beginning.  Last Friday Latino Review kicked this rumor off with a report that Billie Lourd had a part in the film.  They surmised that Fisher’s daughter would only have a cameo, and didn’t give out any other details.  As such, we didn’t run with the story as there was so little to go on.  Over the last couple days, however, a few more things have come out.

First of all, The Daily Mail came out with a report on the matter saying the Lourd had been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII in order to play a younger version of Princess Leia, via flashbacks:

“Although her daughter Billie Lourd, 21, is a relative unknown, director J.J. Abrams is said to have chosen her to play a young version of her mother’s character because of their visual similarities….”She will even have her hair tied up in Princess Leia-style buns. She’s an aspiring actress and singer so she grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Carrie backed the move as she wanted somebody in her family to play her most famous role.”

Frankly speaking, this report held very little weight to me.  For one, there’s no mention of where they heard this information and secondly, it makes no sense.  Star Wars as a franchise has never used flashbacks before.  The only reason to have a young Leia would be due to a flashback, and I don’t see JJ Abrams doing so.  Abrams has made it clear that he wants to recapture the feel of the classic movies and as a huge fan himself, is likely to stick to as many franchise tropes as possible.  As such, I don’t see him breaking from the standard and using a flashback sequence. 

Yesterday, Good Morning Britain went on the air to also report that Billie Lourd had been cast in the film, but they said she would be playing the role of Leia’s daughter (not a younger version).  This would make more sense as Lourd looks similar to Fisher (as a daughter would), but isn’t a direct copy either that you’d expect in a flashback version of a character.  


So what can we surmise from all of this?  Since several different sources  are reporting on Billie Lourd being cast in the film, I think it’s a safe assumption to consider that part of the rumor true.  As for what character she’ll be playing, that’s still entirely up in the air.  Between the two rumors, I’m more likely to believe the “daughter” story.  If that’s true, however, that begs the question about how large a role it would be.

Obviously it wouldn’t be a large enough role for her to have been present at the table read a couple months ago, but you’d assume that Leia’s daughter would have a more signifcant part in the film.  Again, she could just have a small cameo and not have anything to do with the Princess Leia character, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

What do you guys think of this rumor?  Do you think Lourd is in the film, and if so, which part do you think she’ll have?