Darth Vader Will Appear in Star Wars: Rogue One?

Thanks to Star Wars Celebration in April, we know that Rogue One will be about the group of Rebels who steal the plans for the Death Star, which leads into Star Wars: A New Hope pretty cleanly.  It’ll be a more war-based film, without any of the Jedi around to help things along.  But just because there are no Jedi, doesn’t mean a certain Sith Lord won’t pop up.  According to Birth Movies Death, Darth Vader will make an appearance in the film: 

I ran into a good source this past weekend and, over drinks, was told a nugget that should make people pretty intrigued: Darth Vader will be in Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One. He will not be the main antagonist but he will be working behind the scenes, pulling strings and will appear onscreen. Literally, I’m told – he’ll be showing up via viewscreen or holo projection or something. Will our heroes actually run into the Dark Lord of the Sith in person? My source wouldn’t say.   

To me, this makes perfect sense.  In fact, having a film set during the time period of the Original trilogy and NOT having Vader in some form would be way weirder.  I’m sure it’ll be little more than a cameo, or something akin to his appearances in Star Wars Rebels, where he’s giving commands to another bad guy.  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but it’s still really exciting to hear about.  Now, let’s just hope we can learn a little bit more about the film this week at SDCC!

What do you guys think?  Are you ready to see Vader back on the big screen?  Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, 2016