David Ayer Could Direct a Suicide Squad Movie for WB/DC

Variety is the source behind this latest scoop and they’re reporting that one of the nine DC properties currently in the works for Warner Bros. is going to be the Suicide Squad.  Beyond that, however, it looks like WB already has their sights set on David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch, Training Day) to helm the project:

Sources tell Variety that “Fury” director David Ayer is the choice to direct “Suicide Squad,” based on the DC comic book series.

It is unknown where things stand in the dealmaking process as Warners would not comment, but sources say the studio feels Ayer is a good fit for the dark and edgy film.

Dan Lin is producing the pic from a script by Justin Marks.

If you’re not familiar with Suicide Squad, the comic is about a team of villains (from various heroes’ rogues galleries) who are offered the chance at redemption from the government by going on cetain missions.  The catch here is that the chances of them making it out of the situation alive are slim to none (hence the name).  It’s a dark series that takes on some twisted characters, and it seems like something David Ayer would be uniquely suited for.  

The group doesn’t include any of the MAJOR supervillains from DC’s big heroes.  This means that the film could easily fit in with their cinematic universe from the upcoming Dawn of Justice, without having to utilize the bigger players in the film.  Thus it would retain a lot of autonomy while still being part of the whole and opening the gate for some cool cameos.  

While I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of the comic, the idea of seeing Suicide Squad on the big screen is interesting to me.  It’d be a different kind of film and something that could help set WB’s films apart from Marvel’s.  Technically speaking, this is all rumor right now, as DC hasn’t even announced this movie…but considering the source, you might as well get used to the idea.  

What do you guys think about seeing the Suicide Squad on the big screen?  Would you like to see David Ayer tackle the project or someone else?  Let us know your thoughts below!