Did the Negative Reviews for Batman v Superman Lead to Reshoots in Suicide Squad?

 The sites ‘Geeksofdoom’ and ‘Birth.Movies.Death’ have both reported that Warner Bros is doing reshoots on the Suicide Squad film. Apparently, they are adding more light, humorous moments to the movie, hoping to avoid another critical mugging, as happened with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

 Of the trailers released for Suicide Squad, the one that got the best reaction from fans was the second one, which used lively music from the band Queen. It highlighted the more humorous moments of the film and got a great reception from everyone. However, according to some people inside DC, the trailer shows “every joke in the movie”. Therefore, it gives the impression that the movie is lighter than it currently is. Fans and critics who saw the trailer seemed to be very favorable to the idea of a funnier film than other recent DC projects like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

 This has supposedly led DC/Warner Bros. to add some additional jokes to the overall film, according to the two sites. David Farci of ‘Birth.Movies.Death’ says that the reshoots are taking place “right now” at a cost of “tens of millions of dollars big!” to avoid an encore of the critical savaging Batman v Superman got. (It’s at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes.)

 You might be reading this and saying “Who cares what the critics say? Batman v Superman is making plenty of money.” True, but don’t forget that Batman v. Superman stars Batman and Superman, along with Wonder Woman; the three most well-known comic characters ever created. They’ve all had their own TV series in the past. Everyone knows them. That triple-name recognition, and the first big screen teaming of these iconic characters had people all over the world—even many non-comic fans—anxious to see the film before the reviews ever came out. Suicide Squad, however, doesn’t have the same name recognition, and it will not draw in casual fans on the strength of these characters. The names Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc don’t resonate with non-comic fans the way Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman do. Casual fans will want to hear what the critics say about these characters they’ve never heard of before. Bad reviews will do a lot more damage to a film like Suicide Squad than to a guaranteed money-maker like Batman v Superman.

 Diehard comic book fans may follow Kevin Smith’s advice that they should go see every comic book movie that comics out—even the horrible ones like the Fantastic Four—and if they don’t, they should be “ashamed” of themselves, according to Smith. However, casual fans don’t listen to Kevin Smith. They listen to the critics when it comes to more obscure names that they don’t recognize. If Suicide Squad gets the kind of critical mauling that Batman v Superman got, it will definitely suffer at the box office. This is probably why DC/Warner is doing these (rumored) reshoots. They don’t want to be slammed in the reviews this time.