Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Want Out of the X-Men Franchise?

Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult are not happy; at least, not according to an internet story that’s going around. A story circling around the internet, based on information from unnamed “inside sources”, says that the couple were completely blindsided by Bryan Singer’s recent announcement that another X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse would begin filming in 2015.  The red-hot Lawrence claims that she is being forced to change her plans for upcoming projects, due to a three-movie contract with Fox studios. She and Hoult are obliged to play Mystique and the Beast in one more film after X-Men: Days of Future Past. The two stars apparently heard the surprise announcement in the media, the same as the rest of us. Two weeks ago, their X-film co-star James McAvoy said he also had no idea about X-Men: Apocalypse being made and found out through the Twitter post.

In regard to Lawrence and Hoult, the unnamed source said:

“They feel they are prisoners of the X-Men movies and the director, Bryan Singer. They were shocked to see a new X-Men film was announced for 2016. Now they have to reshuffle their plans in order to accommodate a June shoot. Jennifer especially is losing millions of dollars by doing these movies when she could have her pick of juicy parts.”

The source also claims that the pair are considering quitting the franchise because of the inconvenience of the short notice and the resulting scheduling difficulties.

Lawrence and Hoult have not officially commented on this story yet.