Early reactions to Captain America: Civil War

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The movie seems to build on consequences of Ultron’s attack on Sokovia in Age of Ultron, Captain America’s choice to help a friend rather than just turn him over to the U.S. Government, and Tony Stark’s mission to protect humanity by any means necessary, even though that protection crosses the line of individual privacy and freedom. The confrontation has been building between Tony and Steve throughout the Avengers films, with the biggest blow up between the two happening during Avengers: Age of Ultron.



Devin Faraci of ‘Birth. Movies. Death’ says:

“The movie is fully a sequel to The Winter Soldier. I’ve been telling you this for a while, but now that the film is finished it seems to be confirmed – this isn’t Avengers 2.5, but rather Captain America 3, and it truly focuses on Cap and Bucky.”

Early reactions to the film have been:

  • Spider-man is great and they are not wasting anytime with any type of origin story for him.

  • Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther is phenomenal.

  • Makes us feel the ‘true cost of Sokovia’.

  • The last half hour of the film is brutal, emotionally and physically.

Faraci also commented:

“One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism.”

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Captain America: Civil War releases May 6, 2016 (US).