Could Jake Gyllenhaal To Take Up The Bat Mantle?

Ben Affleck has been hot and cold about whether or not he would continue to play The Dark Knight in the DCEU. Speaking with USA Today, Affleck confirmed he is looking for a way to gracefully exit as Batman. A cool way to take his character out of the DCEU. Which is on par for the course that has been Batfleck. However the verbiage lays out that he is contemplating The Batman which is set to be directed by Reeves’ but other sources have revealed that Reeves’ might have someone else in mind.

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John Campea, formally of Collider Video, spoke about the situation on his podcast The John Campea Show, that he has heard from sources that Jake Gyllenhaal is line to take up the mantle of a younger Batman. Campea points out that there 2 separate roads they could take to introduce this new Batman.

First, and most obvious option, is to set the film before the events of BvS, and show us some of the 20 years of younger Batman before the events of his past broke him. Personally I find this to be a great idea. Within the universe they have created they have given us great easter eggs building the past of caped crusader. Between the Robin suit, and multiple villain comments like “freaks dressed as clowns” and “I miss the days of worrying about exploding penguins.”

Another option Campea brings up is that they could set the film on its own, akin to the Joker Origin story being produced by Martin Scorsese. I am not as much of a fan of this idea as I would prefer the worlds to stay connected. However there is merit in the idea that Batman would stand on his own. Some of the best DC films include a Batman that does not have to connect to larger cinematic universes.

Either way Gyllenhaal is talented actor who would bring a lot of prestige with him into the greater DCEU. As this wouldn’t be the first rumor to include Gyllenhaal as a superhero , back when Tobey Maguire  was our SpiderMan, he almost had to call it quits on webslinging. He had injured his back making Seabiscuit, and Gyllenhaal came very close to replacing him in SpiderMan 2; so close that he even got in shape at SpiderMan “boot camp”.

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As this is currently just a rumor, Batfleck is still set to continue the role as far as we know. He can be seen this weekend As Justice League finally hits theaters.

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