Looks like James Mangold Will Helm the Boba Fett Standalone Film

Since Disney/LFL announced they were doing standalone movies the iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, has been the subject of many such rumors. Hell, Josh Trank’s Star Wars spin-off  he was supposed to announce and talk about at Star Wars Celebration 2015 (before he was fired) WAS a Boba Fett film. His departure meant Solo got bumped forward, so it’s not all that surprising to see the Boba Fett film revived. 

The news came in last night, just as many fans were getting seated for their Solo screenings, from Hollywood Reporter where they’ve revealed that James Mangold will direct the film with a script written by himself and Simon Kinberg. Kinberg has a long history with Star Wars, and the two have worked closely together on the X-Men franchise for a while as well, so the pairing is pretty solid. I mean, just look at Logan

james mangold ford vs ferrari

I know not everyone is all that thrilled about a Boba Fett movie and I can understand why. That said, the standalone films have done a pretty good job of delivering fun/engaging stories where it seemed unlikely to happen. The same could be said for Fett. There’s, obviously, no details at the moment on the film’s plot, but I would love to see it be a follow-up to Solo, and bring back  Alden’s Han and Glover’s Lando. If not, something post-Return of the Jedi (which the standalones haven’t explored yet) with a new character taking on the monniker. 

Yes, technically this is “rumor” for now, but considering it’s coming from THR (a notable source) and has been confirmed by multiple other big outlets, it’s a safe bet. As we wait for official confirmation, tell us what you want to see out of the Boba Fett Star Wars film? 


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