Luke Skywalker a Captive in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Today’s latest rumor comes from Latino Review, and their weekly column about Star Wars: Episode VII, with something a little juicier than normal.  It’s a continuation of a rumor we’ve been hearing a lot, but it finally gives us a more plausible reason.  For the longest time, we’ve been hearing that the film will focus on a search to find Luke Skywalker who’s been missing practically since the end of Return of the Jedi.  The reasons why have been a big mystery, though all rumors have been pointing towards this being the case.  Now, we may have a reason:

Luke is missing. Why would our monomyth hero abandon the galaxy he had to sacrifice his father to change? Did it really hit him that hard? Was seeing Hayden Christensen by the Ewok bonfire just too much for his fragile mind to handle?


The answer: he didn’t.

When Mark Hamill said his beard was “contractually obligated” I looked at Jedi Beards throughout the previous six films. Jedi, somehow, keep really clean beards. Mark Hamill’s beard is a wild mess. Why? Well Luke’s a CAPTIVE, silly, not a nomad.

Honestly, I like this idea quite a bit.  I’d originally brushed off the quest for Luke rumors, because I couldn’t believe he’d simply abandon the galaxy he helped save/shape for no real reason.  It’d been set up for him to kick-off a new generation of Jedi Knights, he was amongst good friends, and things were looking up.  With all that in mind, putting himself into exile made no sense to me.  Him being CAPTURED certainly works far better.  


The site doesn’t offer up, or seem to know, exactly who has managed to keep him held hostage and in isolation, but it certainly makes sense.  He’s a dangerous guy to keep around if you’re a bad guy looking to cause trouble.  I find it a tad difficult to think that someone has managed to keep the person who took down the Empire and fought off a pair of Sith Lords (technically one, but whatever), in captivity for so long.  However, it still works better (for his character and what we know about him), than him being in self-imposed exile.  

The other tidbit of news from this scoop discusses the role of Oscar Isaac in the film.  If you haven’t seen, Harrison Ford has been spotted walking about without crutches or cast, and even said he’ll be back to work soon.  So he’s made a speedy recovery.  Even so, reports have been swirling for a while now that Han and Chewie are no long in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.  Many rumors have overlapped saying that he’s now in charge of the Republic’s military force and commanding from a much larger starship (possibly even a Star Destroyer).  So where does that leave the Falcon?  Possibly in Isaac’s hands: 

The bad news is that Han Solo and Chewie lost the Millennium Falcon and Oscar Isaac’s character owns it now. I don’t know if Han’s new position as wife of a princess and man with kids made him want to settle down or if the Falcon is this universe’s most gambled ship (sorry Lando!), but Han and Chewbacca don’t have the Falcon because Oscar Isaacs has it.

I’m doubtful of it being a gambling thing.  I don’t think Han would lose the Falcon, and despite what some of the books would contend (though they aren’t canon), I can’t see him risking it in such a way.  Not based on how his character grew over the trilogy.  Instead, I’m thinking he gave it to Isaac, or possibly, his character even inherited it…Though that’s speculation on my part.  

Either way, some juicier stuff than we’ve had in recent weeks regarding the plot, but these seem fairly plausible.  The rumors are starting to hit upon the same themes time and time again from different sources.  So either, we’re on the right track, or it’s one big conspiracy.  That’s up for you to decide!  What do you guys think of these plot details/possiblities?  Let us know in the comments below!