Spider-Man Might Finally Join the MCU as Sony & Marvel Are Now Talking

Let me get this out of the way, if you follow me here on Cinelinx you will know I’m far from your average “give Marvel rights back!” bandwagon. I hate the idea and think Sony creating a Spider-Man universe on their own is better for both Marvel fans and Spider-Man fans. That being said a partnership is something I always said would be perfect. If Sony can work out a deal to get Spider-Man in Avengers, while also keeping exclusive rights to stand alone films, that would be a gold mine!

That is exactly what the rumor states. According to HitFix Marvel is far into talks with Sony to bring Spider-Man over, while also helping out Sony at the same time. The mission is to once again get all characters back under their belt, one way or another. Sources claim that while Sony is being supportive of the talks, Fox on the other hand is refusing to follow suit with Wolverine and the X-Men. They of course are also creating their own universe. However they sadly seem to be confused about what to do with Fantastic Four…..

Sony though should absolutely follow through with it. Think about it this way, it would be the biggest advertising deal for them in a decade. Spider-Man is worth a ton of money, so Marvel probably won’t buy them out. Disney might as well just buy a portion of Sony at that price, so a partnership is the next option. So what do they offer? Include him in the biggest on going film event of all time. Marvel is huge and the Avengers are massive. Anything that even remotely revolves around the Avengers gains tons ( and we mean tons!) of attention. Guardians of the Galaxy is great example. People will line up to anything with Marvel on it because they not only know these films will be good, but because each film adds to the universe in some way.

Now you want to include Spider-Man? The most requested member ever? Yeah, that…. that would be insane in size! What the deal will need to consist of is Spider-Man first introducing the idea in Sony’s own movie. People would line up way in advance to see it, and the tip off to Avengers would make the movie feel more important. Spider-Man then becomes a “must see” film so that Avengers and Marvel fans can get their fix. It simply can no longer be ignored. Sony gets to become part of the universe that makes gold. It get’s important factors, the universe itself becomes so much larger with just one partnership. Sony also wouldn’t need to rely on movies like Sinister Six so much, and instead just make them stories. Facing facts here, while I love the Spider-Man movies a ton, Sony seems extremely lost in what to do. They really don’t know where they are going and their sudden delays and changes prove it. Sony basically wins in every way possible by not only making more money, but also getting help in creating a universe. The only downside would be not exactly making money off Avengers itself.

So it’s all grand for Sony, what about Marvel? They have a problem. Rumor has it after Avengers 2 they are getting a new cast for all kinds of reasons. Actors wanting out, them wanting to change it up, you name it, there’s an excuse for it happening. Yet that isn’t their biggest problem, their biggest problem is their rival DC Comics. Yes, up until now Marvel has had pretty much free reign over the movie industry while WB/DC sat on the sidelines with their thumbs up …. well you know. Finally DC/WB has woken up and finally we are getting not only Batman vs Superman, but the Justice League! This is so massive that it was drawing bigger crowds at Comic Con than anything.

Marvel needs to combat this problem of theirs and what better way to do it than to fire a really massive gun? Imagine the fan reaction to Marvel and Sony announcing Spider-Man in Avengers? Anything DC said for the following month would be forgotten. “DC said what? Did you hear Spider-Man is in the next Avengers?” It’s a pretty big deal and a perfect cannon to fire back at DC, especially if the team is rebooting.

Truth is this is a pretty insane perfect deal for both sides. Sony keeps pimping out Spider-Man, while Marvel puts him in the biggest team up of the year. What could go wrong? As long as Sony keeps rights I don’t see anything that could go wrong, but that could just me getting excited for my suggestion actually becoming true. Plus the next Spider-Man is still a few years away thanks to delays and Sony struggling to piece together a plan, so this is perfect timing for something to happen. How insane would it be to see a Spider-Man tease at the end of Avengers 2?