New Rumor Reveals Justice League’s Villain, Plus Suicide Squad’s Roster

Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe is once again bringing the goods in terms of rumors from the realm of comic book movies.  This time around, it’s all about DC, who has big plans going forward for their own comic book universe.  We know a Justice League movie is coming sometime in the 2017-2018 range, and today, while on the Meet the Movie Press podcast some new information came out (potentially).  

Granted, this is still a rumor, but reportedly since Chris Terrio is writing the script and has Brainiac set to be the film’s primary villain.  Back in July it was rumored that Terrio was being courted by Warner Bros. to pen the script, having been impressed with his work on Batman v. Superman.  For the longest time, Darkseid has been the purported villain of Justice League, following a similar path to the New 52’s version of the superhero team.  

According to LR, Brainiac is lured to Earth when Superman activated the Kryptonian ship in Man of Steel (which is how Zod also found him on Earth).  The green villain will also be making a cameo at the end of Dawn of Justice to help set the stage for the big showdown later on.  Frankly, I’m pretty happy with this choice.  While I liked the idea of Darkseid, he feels like villain that would do well for the larger picture in the DC Universe.  He seems like a Justice League 2 type villain, someone big enough to force the League to gather together again.  

Not that Brainiac’s a slouch in the villainy department, which is another reason I’m excited for this to happen.  Brainiac isn’t just a destructive force like so many other comic book badguys.  He’s more cold and calculating, and operates on a massive scale.  He imprisons entire worlds in jars to add to his collection, or entire cities, in which he then destroys the rest of the planet’s species in order to make sure he has the last living remnants.  This could provide a unique challenge and a different sort of villain than we normally see.  


Moving on from that villain, let’s talk a whole gaggle of them.  Last month, rumor hit that David Ayer (Fury) was set to helm a Suicide Squad movie for Warner Bros., filling in one of the 9 release dates they’ve set for their comic book films.  On top of revealing the Justice League villain, LR thinks they have the roster of villains (which the team is comprised of) who will be seen on the big screen: 


Deadshot would be the leader of the team, which pulls it’s team more from the ORIGINAL incarnation of the Suicide Squad.  This is why you’re not seeing Harley Quinn mentioned anywhere in here, as she didn’t come along until more recent versions of the comic.  This could be an interesting line-up, though admittedly I’m not as familiar with this title as I am others.  It’s curious to me that they wouldn’t want to go with the more recent characters, who would be far more recognizable to modern audiences.  Oh well, if done correctly, Suicide Squad could be a lot of fun.

You can learn a little bit more by watching/listening to the show in full below:

What do you guys make of these latest DC movie rumors?  Are you excited to hear about Brainiac possibly coming to Justice League?  And which line-up of the Suicide Squad would you most enjoy seeing? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!