Original, Non-Special Edition Star Wars Trilogy Could (Actually) Release This Year

Over the last few years, the number of rumors about the unaltered versions of the original three Star Wars films coming to blu-ray (and other formats) have popped up with regularity.  We didn’t report on them on the site and I spent much of my time online debunking those rumors.  So what’s changed?  

The evidence has been mounting, and it’s become a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situation.  More importantly, a site and person that I trust has come out saying he’s heard it’s finally happening.  Earlier this morning, Jason from MakingStarWars posted his report: 

Over the last month the evidence and tips have been piling up that the unaltered original trilogy will be re-released this year for the 40th anniversary in various formats. Several sources have let us know it was coming and it appears to actually be on the way this time.

Jason has been right regarding a number of high profile Star Wars scoops, and having met him and talk to him somewhat regularly, I have no reason to believe he’s wrong about this one.  He’s on the level, and his report makes me think it’s going to happen this year.  It makes sense, considering the original Star Wars turns 40 this year, and would be a perfect anniversary release. 

Star Wars Celebration, rather than focusing on The Last Jedi on its opening day is dedicating the first panel to the 40th Anniversary of the film, and have promised plenty of “surprises” for long time fans.  One of these could very well be an announcement for the unaltered film’s blu-ray/digital release.  

As a fan of the Special Editions and changes made over the years (yes, I DID grow up on the pre-Special Editions) I haven’t been bothered as much by the lack of access to the unaltered versions.  That said, I know many fans have been clamoring for them, and having the option is always nice.  While we’ll have to wait and see if their rumor pans out, I think there’s more hope this time around than in years’ past.