Rogue One Will Have Some Form of Teaser on The Force Awakens

Let’s get the new information out of the way real quick.  The guys over at SchmoesKnow have posted a report saying they’ve learned The Force Awakens would have a post-credits scene (kinda like Marvel’s been doing for years) which would serve as a tease for next year’s Rogue One movie.  Of course some are up in arms about something so non-traditionally Star Wars happening with the new film, but I have doubts for other reasons.  

First, I’m not saying SchmoesKnow are wrong.  They’re good people and been spot on with some information over the years.  The truth is, since the START of this year, I (and a few other sites) had been hearing that a Rogue One teaser would be attached to The Force Awakens, but that it would be a trailer that played in FRONT of the movie, like normal.  

Rogue One

The timing makes perfect sense.  Rogue One is expected to finish filming within the year and as we’ve seen with several films over the years, studios are able to slap together trailers pretty quickly using what footage they have (i.e. Suicide Squad).  By the time The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’ll be less than a year away from Rogue One and Disney likely wants to keep the excitement going by teasing the next film…So yeah, it makes a bunch of sense.  It’s a no-brainer really.  

What DOESN’T make sense, though, is to tease it at the END of Force Awakens.  Rogue One is a standalone film, meant to be different from the numercial trilogies, and takes place some 40 odd years before the events of the Sequel Trilogy.  I don’t get why they’d want to tease an entirely different story/time period at the END.  I could see it confusing a LOT of people.  I don’t doubt they’re considering a post-credits teaser, but it seems like they’d want to use that to tease plans for that specific trilogy and story, not something that takes place 40 years earlier.  

But who knows, maybe they feel the Rogue One teaser will work better at the end.  It’s a tough call, but considering all I’ve heard for the past year, you should certainly expect to get your first look at Rogue One at some point during your The Force Awakens viewing.