David Tennant Considered for Plastic Man in Justice League?

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are rumoured to be considering adding some comedy relief to their planned Justice League film with the addition of Plastic Man to the line-up. David Tennant’s name has come up in regards to casting the character.

Does the upcoming Justice League film need some comedy relief? The most popular and memorable scene in Marvel’s Avengers was the now-famous “Puny God!” moment between Hulk and Loki. Marvel films are very good at handling comedy moments. One of the complaints about DC films is the unrelenting grimness and lack of humor. If the rumor is true, DC is planning to counter this complaint in Justice League by adding the off-the-wall wacky Plastic Man to the group. And former Doctor Who star David Tennant has been mentioned as the possible choice to play him.

The source of this rumor is not the most credible, beginning on JoBlo.com, but it is picking up some steam on the internet. According to the site…

A couple of producers I know told me they were involved with the upcoming Justice League movie — I’ve known these guys for years and as nice as they are they have never been involved with something as big as JL, so who knows. They did say Warner is basically trying to follow Marvel’s lead (no surprise there) and amongst the heavy hitters already expected to be on hand (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman) they want to put in a comic relief character (they seem to believe this is what Ant Man will be – no matter how much I defended the character I had to admit I had no idea how Pym will be handled in this upcoming film). Then when they told me the character Warner was planning to include…. well, I smiled and could totally see it as a good thing. The idea of Plastic Man bouncing all over the place and the fact that the studio is looking at David Tennant to bring him to life — it was the first time I got excited to see a Justice League movie. So let’s look at the characters – and seeing how none of us know what the line-up will be, go ahead and put in your personal fantasy players and who will play them.

David Tennant’s name was once also linked to Rocket Racoon in the currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but that part went to Bradley Cooper. Tennant is currently appearing on the BBC drama Broadchurch, and will be reprising his role as the Doctor on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special which will air this November.

Time will tell if there’s any truth to this rumor.