[Debunked] Rumor Control: Is J.J. Abrams Preparing to Exit Star Wars Episode VII?

[Grateful UpdateLooks like this rumor has already been debunked.  Disney was quick to put this rumor down by issuing the following statement: “There is no truth to the rumor. JJ is having a great time working on the script and is looking forward to going into production next year.”  Guess we won’t have to be worrying about that!  The original article and rumor follows below.]

Well…this could really suck!  Earlier today Badass Digest reported that Bad Robot (Abrams’ company) is looking to bring the Thor writers on board to help pen the Star Trek 3 script, which is set to release in 2016, to coincide with the series’ anniversary.  That’s not what we’re here to talk about though.  Within this article, Badass mentions that he’s been hearing from several sources that J.J. Abrams is talking about leaving the director’s chair for the newest Star Wars film.

Speaking of losing jobs… why is it that I keep hearing tons of rumors that JJ Abrams is on the verge of dropping out of Star Wars? This has been something I’ve heard for a while now, and from multiple insiders. I know that he didn’t want to shoot the movie in England and was overruled, but that happened a while ago. This weekend at Comic Con I continued to hear these whispers.

Hmmm…Interesting.  Obviously this is far from official, and just scuttlebut at the moment, so be sure to take this with a heavy dose of salt.  However, Paramount and other Trek cast members have mentioned that they expect Abrams to return to direct Star Trek 3, which would seemingly be impossible while he’s doing Episode VII.  Maybe they know something we don’t?

The truth is, now isn’t the time to worry.  Just last week, Bad Robot released a picture of printed out scripts (presumably for Star Wars Episode VII).  Frankly I can’t imagine them putting something like that out there, to generate excitement, if there were plans on him leaving the project.  There should be some Star Wars related news to come out of the German Celebration, as well as D23, and if Abrams doesn’t make an appearance or anything, THAT’S the time to start worrying. 

Odds are we won’t know anything official for a bit, so int he meantime, what do you think about this rumor?  How bummed would you be about it?