Spider-Man Could Appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1!

The rumors once again come from The Latino Review. They are often times close, if not spot on with the things they report, and as such we’re taking this a little more seriously. That whole Spider-Man movie about Aunt May was killed, but then proven correct thanks to leaked documents. So if anything we can thank them for leaking that one too soon and totally killing the idea! (Note: Only click the link if you don’t mind spoilers. Honestly if they are correct, they spoiled a bunch of stuff…. but they did warn us!)

The latest report from them is that Sony indeed completed a deal with Marvel to allow Spider-Man into the MCU. The deal is in place and his first appearance in the universe will be in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, releasing in 2018.

Of course reports came out during the Sony hack that Sony was planning to release Spider-Man for Captain America : Civil War, but the deal fell through. So this new deal could very easily be true.  The problem is that this is most likely a big ole surprise by two studios, so we might not hear a confirmation for it at all. We will just need to wait for them to confirm it someway or somehow through their movies. Then again Sony is terrible at hiding stuff, so we could find out sooner than later!

There is a lot of question regarding this thanks to rumors that come up every day. Will Garfield return? Will both franchises provide canon? Who gets the reset if not? Will we get the real Spider-Man (Peter Parker) or some other version? For now, who knows, we just know Spider-Man could possibly invade the MCU sometime soon!