How Does The Hulk Come Into Thor: Ragnarok?

We’ve all heard the rumors there was going to be a Planet Hulk or World War Hulk movie at some point in Marvel’s plan, but those have been shot down by a number of people.  Well now there’s word that we’ll see that story line but a bit changed.  According to a new report from Geek, Thor: Raganarok will bring in some elements of those beloved comic runs, while forging ahead with a new story involving the God of Thunder.  

Somehow Thor will discover a plan hatched by Hela and Loki and be banished to a different realm and placed in gladiatorial combat. Sound familiar yet? Now at some point a surprise opponent will be revealed and it will be none other than The Hulk. Now this story has very similar aspects to Planet Hulk and would explain why we’ve be hearing this from various sources.


Now this goes back to reports about this being some sort of road trip movie with the two characters. I could see the both of them trying to return to Asgard or Midgard to stop this plan. The other thing rumored is that Banner and Hulk’s personalities have started to merge which is something that happened in the Planet Hulk story line.

I like this using a established storyline but changed in a few ways. And as a comic fan I’m eager to see another knock down drag out between The Hulk and Thor. But this is all rumored and I must encourage it to be taken with a grain of salt, that is until it’s proven correct and then I expect all praise to be heaped upon me in the form of mid grade whiskey and high grade toys.

-Jason The X

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